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Re:Daphnia, Green Water & Temperature

The best food for Daphnia is green water, and raising the temperature or
increasing the light on your culture won't help at all because the Daphnia
have cleared nearly all of the planktonic algae out of the water.  The best
way to grow Daphnia is to have a tank devoted to the production of green
water.  Have fish in the tank,no plants, and good lighting, about 2 or 3
watts of fluorescent lighting per gallon.  Transfer the green water from
the tank where it is produced to the Daphnia tank.

If you were keeping rabbits in your garden, and they ate all the plants so
that there was nothing but bare ground, increasing the light or fertilizing
the ground isn't going to help.  Instead, you have to have another garden,
protected from rabbits, where you raise their food.  You wouldn't want to
take so many plants out of your garden to feed the rabbits that you had a
lot of bare ground, because it would take a long time for the plant
population to recover, and production would drop.  You would want to try
for some kind of sustained yield management where you got plants out of the
garden without reducing the population of producing plants a lot.  The same
considerations apply in producing green water for Daphnia.

Paul Krombholz, in dry central Mississippi, where it is looking like we may
get some rain, tomorrow.