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RE: Zincdy do da, zincdy day

>Tom, does the zinc in the galvanizing bother you at all?   Any signs of 
>excessive zinc in the tank?   What are the signs of excessive zinc?????
>Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com

My plants don't get colds.........:) 
No, no zinc excesses or any signs of bad growth in the tanks with my species
that I keep which is far more than most folks......... in lower volume water
change tanks also. The amount of wire is small also.
Aluminum, steel etc proved to flimsy or hard, expensive etc. 
As far as an excess well.......
I suppose it could bump another metal like Mg and Fe are suppose to do (this
would be incredibly difficult to spot in an aquaria IMO). Never had any
issues myself. I don't have many problems with stunted plants, poor
nutrition or other issues with algae. Cork tanks seem to be more stable
rather than having any problems IMO.
Here's a bit of info on Zn:
>Zinc is required for the formation of the hormone indoleacetic acid an is 
>an enzyme activator (3, 8, 9, 13).
>Zinc deficiency results in stunting of plant and leaf growth and when 
>severe leaves die and fall off. Deficiency symptoms may be confused with th 
>deficiencies of magnesium, iron and manganese requiring a plant analysis to 
>determine which element is deficient (3, 8, 9, 13).
>Nutrient solution formulas call for 0.05 ppm of zinc which is commonly 
>applied in the form of zinc sulfate (9).

Tom Barr