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Daphnia, Green Water & Temperature

I have an odd problem. I'd like to keep my green water. 

I borrowed some green water from a neighbor (who doesn't want it), put a starter culture of daphnia in, and threw in all kinds of sponge squeezins. I also had very slimy fur-algae-covered ambulia and watersprite, which I tossed in. I have the whole mess circulating in a 5 gallon tank in a sunny (half the day) window. 

The problem is the water is clearing. I tossed in a plant tab with N-P-K. The tank continued to clear, I've even discovered new growth on the plants, without algae. So I removed the plants, thinking they were helping clear the water. There was obviously no emerged growth, as the mess just rolls around in the current.

So, I contemplated getting a small heater for the tank, and heating the water up a tad. Doesn't algae grow better in warmer waters? The only problem being that I found a mention in archives that daphnia do not like warmer waters, will die off if it's too high, and prefer it in the 70's. What a dilemma.

I was wondering if turning the temp down on tanks with green water may help to clear the tank, along with some other measures--for folks who don't want green water. There has never been any mention of this.

I am also wondering how the heck to keep the water green? Seems like I'm going to have to start feeding the daphnia . . .

Any ideas?