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Re: Ivomectin (APD #320)

> The medicine is [ Ivomectin ]. The stock strength should be 1:20.
> then using a diabetics type syringe available from chemists carefully
> measure out 0.5 (1/2) mg per 140 litres of tank water and then mix it
> with some tank water and distribute it evenly into the tank.
> In 2 days do a 1/3 water change and repeat. Leave for a further 4
> days and then change water as normal.
> After the 1st dose you should see the fish excreting dead worms which
> will have turned white and be up to an inch long.
> 3 months later do the same again.
> Some fish that have been badly infested may die but if left will
> surely kill your fish.
> This is a fairly common problem with rainbow fish but as I said
> earlier it can be easily treated.
> Some other signs of these worms in fish are hollow stomaches and
> distorted fish eg bent backs.
> Note that this will kill all worms in your tank and most if not all
> snails but not the snail eggs.

I've never seen any parasites in my tank, but my platties have been
slowly dying off for about a year, with hollow stomaches and bent
backs.  I assumed it was a mycobacteria ("tb") infection.  None of the
other fish are affected, rosy barbs and otocinculus (sp?).  It seems to
have started after I added some "trap door snails" to the tank, one of
which died right away.  I tried treating with a heavy dose of Aureomycin
(chlortetracycline) mixed into the fish food and the tank water, but it
didn't help anything.  Aureomycin is used to treat mycoplasmosis in

A couple of the local stores (Tractor Supply and Fleet Farm) sell some
vetrinary supplies, including soluble powder Ivomectin horse wormer. 
Should I give that a try?  Or is not seeing any parasites enough reason
to assume it is not Chamelonis worms?  Thanks.