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Re: Silicone removal

>From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
>Subject: Re:Silicone remover
>James Purchase writes:
>> "I'm having a warm time removing silicone sealant from a cracked
aquarium in
>>  order to execute repairs.  Anyone know of a chemical that removes the
>>  stuff?"
>>  Acetone - available in the automotive section of most well stocked
>>  "superstores" (Canadian Tire in Canada).
>Won't acetone dissolve the plastic frame as well?  In fact I suspect it will 
>eat the frame faster than the silicone.

In my case if it works, no problem.  I built the tank myself (one of my
Amano-cubes) so there is no plastic rimming.  I appreciate all the advice
I'm getting from the listers.

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