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Equipment for sale

Hi again,
I have a dual head Automatic Water Change and Evaporation Control Pump for sale. This pump will service two separate tanks. Each head is output adjustable. It is called a "Reef-Filler."   The pump works great, but my tank setup doesn't allow me to use it as I wanted. I used it for two weeks, so it is as new.  Each head will change up to 6.5 gallons a day, or it can be used as a doser for nutrients in planted tanks, or for kalkwasser in reef tanks, or each head can be set to supply make up water for tank evaporation. A nice piece of equipment. This pump has been advertised in every issue of FAMA for the past several years.  The model I have for sale is the exact one shown in the ad, Model 2000-2. It is on page 137 of the June FAMA. Or it can be seen at Champion's website, www.championlighting.com.  Originaly $259.95. I am very reasonable. Email me off list if interested.