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will freshwaterplants survive a period of therapeutic salty water?

My about one year old male Ramirezi suffers for already more than six months
to an unknown disease (sometimes scratching and heavy breathing). Also some
other fish may be affected to: sometimes they clamp there fins for a while.
For the last half year I have applied all the dedicated medicineproducts of
a HS Products (against  worms, onecellcreatures and other parasites. These
medicine cured some fish and made others that I thought to be suffering from
old age thriving again. I make water refreshments twice a week (15% each
I found a general cure product (EsHa 2000) and tried it in my planted 15
gallon  (54 liter) tank. It seems to contain copper. Anyway some plants
suffered badly, so I won't try it in my 120 gallon (400 liter) tank in which
the Ramirezi lives.

Now as a last resort I consider adding some non iodized salt to my large
tank (I hope I will be able to find it without anti clumping matter). I have
found different opinions on the internet on the amount needed to have a
beneficial effect on the fish. I wonder what the effect of the salt will be
on the plants. Suppose I would put 3 gram of salt per liter (would this be
too little to have an effect?) in the water for about two or three weeks,
would this have a negative effect on my delicate plants on the short run and
how is this on the long run? I have read that a week or so may not be
harmful, but I do not expect a beneficial effect from a treatment of only a
By the way, I also have a school of corydoras arcuatus. They are supposed to
be sensitive to salt, but would 3 gram per liter already be harmful to them?

I shall not try and move my sick Ramirezi to my 15 gallon tank. I did this
twice before and though I changed the water in that tank with water from my
large tank, in both cases the Ramirezi's went from bad to worse in a very
short time (less than an hour) and died.

Any suggestions, please.
Sietske Tol