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Re: Iron compounds

> Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 13:34:55 -0700
> From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
> Subject: Iron compounds
> At 03:48 PM 4/21/2000 -0400, Steve Pushak  wrote:
> > Iron is not soluble in water unless complexed with
> >an organic ion of some sort. Wherever you heard this is unreliable. It
> >would be better not to repeat information from that source. Please take
> >this in the spirit in which it is intended to be offered; as a gentle
> >correction. :-]
> You mean gentle correction but wrong?   The halides, nitrates and sulfates
> of both oxidation states are quite soluble.  

They dissolve readily in water however the iron binds fairly rapidly
with free oxygen and precipitates. Iron is not soluble in dissociated
form in the presence of oxygen, at least not in concentrations we need
to consider. This statement needs to be taken in context.
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