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Re: Cork& glue

>The cork backing on the back wall and the terraces allows me to "pin" things
>like java fern, java moss, Anubias, etc. wherever I wish. I'm happy.... and
>so are the fish. Within 30 minutes of putting in some Kribs, they had laid
>claim to the vaious cork ledges and caves along the back wall, and started
>doing their "courtship dance" for potential mates and rivals.
>James Purchase

Sounds like another cork convert:) 
If you like big fish or cichlids etc cork is a good item for your tank if
you wish to have plants.

A nice mono culture back ground would look very nice. All Anubias barteri
var. nana, Bolbitis, Java fern the lace var., mosses and terrarium plants
sneaking out of the back edge.

If your into art etc, the solid color of one type of plant is similar to a
painting's background.
In your foreground, middle ground etc, you add your color, scene, etc. and
leave to solid uniform background. This balances all the mayhem plantings on
the bottom gravel better.  
This gives you a nice starting point to design your tank. You get a mix of
European and Natural gardening styles this way that's easy to maintain.

If your looking for a good photo of glued cork look no further than TFH's
June issue. There several photo's were the cork is seen glued to the glass.
That is silicone being used there.

Tom Barr