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Re: "Wrong" colored leaves

on 01:48 PM 6/1/00 , heinesen wrote:

>  My 50-gal tank has lots of plants, and everything
>is growing quite well now.  Many of the plants that should be green, are
>either red or pink.  I have read the chart on the Krib, outlining nutrient
>deficiencies, but don't see this described there, so perhaps this related to

In Karen Randall's Aquarium Frontiers article about nutrition:

It mentions that in high-light tanks, nitrate deficiency can cause leaves 
to turn red. I can confirm that this is true for my new 75 gallon tank. I'm 
being a bit stingy with KNO3 to avoid algae, and my fish load is low. 
Nitrate levels range from .1-1 ppm when I add KNO3 to near zero the next day.

I'm getting all sorts of red leaves. In particular, plants that are 
supposed to be red (R. Indica, R. Wallichi, B. Caroliniana) are BRIGHT red. 
R. Indica, in particular, is a consistent red/rust color instead of being 
red just on the tops as in my other tank. I also have some leaves on Hygro 
and others that are tending toward red coloration.

This leads me to suggest that perhaps a deliberate strategy of nitrate 
reduction might be a good way to get really red plants if you're having 

My lighting is a mix of 5400K and 6700K power compacts (4x55W).

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