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Re: Indian Red Sword Plant

Yes, this plant's root system was a bit overgrown for the size pot it was in. 
They were wrapped around the pot at the bottom, and hanging out in various 
places. What I did was cut the plastic pot apart using small manicure 
scissors, doing no damage to the roots. 

Once I was able to pull the entire plant free, I saw the roots were probably 
a good 8 inches or so in length. I then clipped the roots off, for planting. 
I had small leaves growing also, but they were white in color, and were 
unidentifiable. As you and Dwight noted, they are starting to turn red.

>  think Sylvia and I both got our back order for the Indian Reds at the same 
>  time.  A beautiful plant.  It looked  like it had been grown mostly 
>  On mine, there were two rose colored inner new leaves that, within 24 
>  have *uncurled* and started reaching to the light. As received the plant 
>  *stood* 15 inches tall and about six inches wide with more leaves than I 
>  would like to count.  One complaint I had was that it was very difficult 
>  getting the darn thing out of its pot for planting, and I'll probably 
>  twice before getting another commercial potted aquatic plant.