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Re: waterproof adhesive

"Kevin Zippel" <kczippel at worldnet_att.net> wrote:

> Not exactly a plant question, but within the realm.  I'm looking for a good
> waterproof adhesive to make a cork bark back to a planted tank.  Caulk works
> well in thin beads between 2 panes of glass, but I've found it to be
> ineffective in 'globs' on irregular surfaces.  Hot glue has worked well in
> the few small places I've tried it.  Spray foam insulation holds bark well
> in terraria, but I don't know how safe it is in water.  Any thoughts?
> Thanks, Kevin

I used standard aquarium silicone glue to attach cork bark to pieces cut 
from a 4" PVC sewer pipe, to build holding structures in a paludarium.
Both submerged and emersed, and the surfaces are *very* irregular. They 
are holding fine so far, about 3 months.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD