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"wrong" coloured leaves...

Hmm...  Sylvia writes about a plant that should be red, being green.  I have
the opposite situation.  My 50-gal tank has lots of plants, and everything
is growing quite well now.  Many of the plants that should be green, are
either red or pink.  I have read the chart on the Krib, outlining nutrient
deficiencies, but don't see this described there, so perhaps this related to
lighting?  Some of them are Crypts, and they have been just "sitting there"
since the tank was set up (about 5 weeks ago).  I do see a few new leaves,
and these are usually red/brown, even on the Crypt Wendtii *green*.  New
growth on the Bacopa caroliniana is pink.  Same thing goes for the
Hygrophila polysperma, and the tips of the Limnophila sessiflora (at least
they look pink).

I have laterite in the substrate; I fertilize regularly with TMG; I do
frequent water changes.  I have had lots of algae, different types have come
and gone, and this seems mostly under control now (I hope!).  I am using All
Glass High Output Compact Fluorescents, 110 Watts, sitting on top of the
tank.  The tank is NOT covered.  Could it be the lighting that's causing
this new growth to be pink or red?