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Re: Name that Deficiency (few weeks ago)

Hi all,

Last week (or was it the week before) I put up on a web site pictures of
nutrient problems that a sword was having that I cured by adding one
ingredient.  http://weber.ucsd.edu/~ewilliam/tank/index.html   And it

Calcium.  I added (only) oyster shell ag lime, and then the next few
leaves were fine again.

How could this happen here in San Diego where the water has a distinct
consistency (~20 degrees GH)?  I had been adding a lot of potassium and
some trace minerals for a few weeks, and falling behind in my water
changes.  The plants took off, but then started coming out gnarled.  
Moral of the story?  Balance.  Too much goodness was great for the
plants for about 3 weeks, then the limiting factor bound.

The winning respondents were (in order):
	Eric Johnson
	David C Lorenzen
and honorable mention to Ilkka Kallio (calcium or boron).