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Swim Bladder (disease?)

Has anyone observed a fish recoveri from this malady on their own, without 
the use of antibiotics?

Because of tank swapping and a few recent set-ups, a poor paradise fish, 
whose high tolerance level I took too much for granted got moved too many 
times . . . in the space of a few days.

This is truly a swim bladder problem, I'm talking spinning, swimming upside 
down, very poor swimming ability. I put him in a nusery breeder thing within 
the same tank, so he could at least eat, which he does, just can't navigate 

If I had bruised it during handling, it would have been apparent immediately 
after the last move, I'm assuming? It seemed to develop several days later, 
leading me to think I just stressed him out one too many times . . . and it's 
infectious, rather than injured.

I fortunately have an empty tank at hand to use and treat with antibiotics, 
if needed. I'd prefer the natural way, if it works. 

I'd appreciate any suggestions or comments,