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Re: baby ozelot swords

I currently have about 30 plantlets from three mother plants, so I've had
some experience :) It's OK to let the stalk grow out of the water at first,
but let it grow and curve against the tank cover. You can press it down
gently each time you go to the tank, e.g. to feed. As the stalk grows and
the plantlets flower and start to put out leaves, the weight of the stalk
itself will favor its staying below the surface. The leaves will dry out
otherwise. I once made giant staples out of cut plastic cable ties to
anchor a stalk along the gravel, but it's really not worth the trouble. You
can let the plants grow to about the eight-leaf stage before cutting the
stalk and dividing the plantlets.

If anyone would like to buy (cheap) some lovely baby red-spotted ozelots
please e-mail me. I'm afraid our tank is too full to trade.

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