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Co2 and buffers

Howdy All,

Sorry if this topic has been ground into the dirt.

I am setting up a co2 system, and am wondering about buffers. I have
searched and read the archives on the subject, and beleive I understand
(sufficiently) the buffer process, and the relationship between kh, pH
and concentration of co2.. My question is, what do folks use for long
term buffering in the tank? Can one add oyster shells, as was suggested
to me, or any other substance?  With a pH controlled system and average
water, is depletion of buffers a short term problem?

I have seen reference to "balancing your light and quantity of co2", in
order to prevent algae bloom, but no formulas for figuring it out. Any
words of wisdom? Any books, urls or other sources of information on this
topic would be greatly appreciated.