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Re: DIY yeast with a solenoid solution

>You used a solinoid? Then this will happen if you use it in a traditional
>way. Adding a T to the set up will vent off the pressure BTW.
I haven't tried this but it would seem to work...

The output from the DIY canister is sent to a "T" airline connector.  Set-up
the solenoid after one branch of the "T" connector.  Send the CO2 from the
output of the solenoid solenoid to the powerhead intake (or whatever you

Send the other "bleed off" branch of the "T" down through an airline tube to
the bottom of your tank (inches lower than the solenoid airline) and away
from the powerhead intake.  When the solenoid is open it runs CO2 through
the powerhead.  When it's closed, the air pressure builds up a little bit
more until it can escape from the airline at the bottom of the tank.  An
airstone or one way check valve could be used to increase the pressure
required to "vent" the extra CO2 for adjustments.

You never worry about pressures high enough to blow up a DIY reactor.

Just a thought, Chris