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Algae I.D.

>Anyong know of an algae ID site or book?  I sorta want to know the names
>of the various algae growing in my tank. Less and less of it everyday,
>but I find I can't follow the conversation on various kinds of algae.  I
>had no idea there were so mean kinds until I saw them in my very own

I have a book that I really like called "How To Know The Fresh-water Algae"
by G.W. Prescott, published by Wm.C. Brown Co., ISBN 64-20452.  It's out of
print, but there seem to stll be a number of copies floating around.  Last
Time I talked to him, Lee Finley had a copy or two.  His E-mail address is:
lfinley at loa_com.  I don't think it's very expensive.

Algae are pretty interesting when they're not driving us crazy!<g>