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Re: Filter

I'm using a DIY canister filter.  I built it inside a 6 inch PVC pipe.  I
used and misused various other plastic plumbing parts thus creating a
container.  Instead of your pump, I used a Rio powerhead, selection criteria
being that it had to be completely immersable.  From there, I picked out
which model based on their flow rate chart.

 I've got it set up such that water is siphoned down into the canister.
Since the only opening is the discharge pipe back into the tank, the net
pump head is zero.  That is, the powerhead moves water from the floor, back
up into my tank, about 4 feet, but the pump is under 4 feet of head
pressure.  So the net head is zero.

Once inside, the water passes down through a layer of mechanical filter
medium, (polyester wool).  Then it passes down through a bunch of biological
filter medium.  My powerhead sits at the bottom, sucks in water from around
itself, and blows it into a pipe that takes it back to the aquarium.

All in all, I think I spent about $100 on plumbing parts, etc.  I spent many
hours working on the design and construction of the thing.  So in economic
terms, it really wasn't worth it.  I could have bought an Ehiem filter for
About $150?

However, I enjoyed doing the project, So it was worth it in hobby terms.

>Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 15:41:25 +0800
>From: "Jon Hammond" <geohammo at iinet_net.au>
>Subject: Filter

>Sorry this is a bit off topic but I hope someone out there can help me.  I
>just dug up a eheim 1060 pump that a friend gave me a year ago.  I have
>never really had any use for it and its just been sitting there (I think it
>was previously used on a reef tank).  Anyway I was thinking of using it for
>making my own sort of cannister filter.. anyone with any experience with
>this type of pump or DIY cannister filters ? :o)

>Jon Hammond