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Shipping plants

With summer approaching, and already at times extremely hot weather here in
California, I am looking for ways to improve shipping. I have run across a
product that I think could make a difference, but I am interested in hearing
if other people think it would work or not:

"We have Techni-Ice sheets for your shipping cool needs. They are sized 10 x
15.6 inches and contain 24 pockets of ice replacement crystals. You soak
these in water for a few minutes, they swell, you place in a freezer at your
lowest temperature and they are good to go for 2-4 days in a cooler.  You
can cut these sheets also you can wrap your plants because these are
flexible.  Many of our shippers use these and are thrilled with the

Now obviously I wont be shipping plants in a cooler, but I could insulate
them with foam sheets, or lots of newspaper. Many plant shippers have
already been using those gelatin ice packs...but this I think would be
lighter and perhaps even more effective? Any thoughts or suggestions would
be welcome

Robert Paul H