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Re: Algae ID

       To: "Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com" <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>
       Subject: algea ID
       From: Broken Tiger <admagee at teleport_com>
       Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 02:21:38 -0700

Troi worte:

Anyong know of an algae ID site or book?  I sorta want to know the names
of the various algae growing in my tank. Less and less of it everyday,
but I find I can't follow the conversation on various kinds of algae.  I
had no idea there were so mean kinds until I saw them in my very own

BTW, the highest "leaves" on my cabomba is getting a good growth of
particularly ugly stiff algae.  I don't really mind most algaes, but
this is really ruining the look of the lovely plants and may be damaging


If the hair alga on your Cabomba is in the form of short, stiff hairs,
about 1/4 inch long, it is Oedogonium.  That is a bad one.  An infestation
of Oedogonium forced me to develop the bleach treatment, back around 1963.
Another tough hair alga is Cladophora.  It grows in bushy clumps down near
the substrate attached to pieces of gravel or to the stems of plants.  The
filaments of Cladophora have numerous side branches.  Black beard algae is
well described, you will know it if you see it.  There is another hair alga
that has long, straight filaments that envelop your plants.  If you try to
pull a bunch of it out, you usually pull up your plants, too.  I think it
is Rhizoclonium, but I am not sure.

Paul Krombholz, in dry central Mississippi, where we got about a quarter of
an inch of rain last night.