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Intersting side subject on CO2 and algae

Something people might find interesting about algae and CO2 in aquaculture.
When there are undesirable algae blooms in ponds the pH levels go up a
significant amount (can get up around 9) which is undesirable. The solution
? To throw in organic matter that will sink to the bottom.. this causes
microbial action which feed on the breaking down organic matter, releasing
CO2 in the process and bring the pH back down and get rid of the algae.  I
was looking through one of my aquaculture company catalogs the other day and
they even sold "barley matts" which you throw into the pond if you have
algae.. they didn't explain how it worked but this is it :o)  By the way
aquaculture catalogs for products are very interesting and can give you many
ideas about aquarium stuff :o)  Generally they have very good equiptment
that could be adapted to an aquarium but just need to be scaled down..
usually easy for any home handy man :o)

Anyway just something to think about

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia