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Re: CO2 controller & DIY yeast

on 5/28/00 7:48 AM, Aquatic Plants Digest at Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

> You used a solinoid? Then this will happen if you use it in a traditional
> way. Adding a T to the set up will vent off the pressure BTW. When the
> solinoid is "Closed" it forces gas to build up into the reactor etc. It
> takes some time for this gas to build up using this reverse solinoid method.
> When it "opens" the gas is vented off to the "T". The solinoid is located on
> the single bottom leg of the "T" and the CO2 line is the top portion of the
> "T" going to your reactor device.

No actually I used one of those control valves for air pumps. The logic was
that I could turn it off manually at night and reopen the valve in the
morning about the time the lights were scheduled to come on. The solution
was new too, so it's zip was pretty zippy.

At the time it seemed like a pretty good idea. ;D