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Re: gitte....

Gitte wrote:
would like to lower the pH to about 6, and am wondering about the best way
to do this.  Peat in the filter?  Peat in a bag in the tank?  Tetra's
Blackwater Extract?  Or??? ..."

Those methods will work, but peat/blackwater extract will impart a brown
tinge to the water that some people object to. This can be removed with
activated carbon, but you then run the risk of removing some plant nutrients

Is there a specific reason why you don't just hook up a DIY CO2 reactor to
the intake of your Aquaclear Mini filter? This will also cause the pH to
fall...... and your plants will appreciate the additional CO2. But you will
have to raise the KH to around 4 to prevent a potentially disasterous drop
in pH (add a bit of baking soda to the water).

Also, _why_ do you want a specific pH of 6? Are there certain fish you are
trying to keep which need this acidic water? The less "tinkering" you do to
water conditions, the more likely are your chances of success.

"This morning, in the June issue of FAMA, I read an ad containing a sales
pitch for something called "Natural Aquarium Vital", apparently a carbonator
for freshwater aquariums.  It claims to provide liquid, time-released CO2
production without the need for cylinders, controllers or monitoring
devices.  BTW, I am not in any way affiliated with this product or the
advertiser, but I must admit to being curious about it.  Does anyone know
anything about it, or has anyone used it?"

Sounds like another Marc Weiss product..... marvellous claims, "customer"
testimonials (where does he find these people???), no list of
ingredients....... can you spell "snake oil"??? As discussed here
previously, people either love this guy's products or they hate them -
neither side to the debate can give much concrete evidence one way or the
other. Save your money. A pop bottle, a few cups of white sugar, and a
spoonfull of yeast is still the easiest way to put extra CO2 into your

James Purchase