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lowering pH in soft water...

My 10-gal tank is finally cycled (with ammonia, not fish, but with plants).
Yesterday I removed 50% of the water and replaced it with RO water in
preparation for the new inhabitants.  This cut the hardness in half (now
GH=4 and KH=2) and the initial drop in pH was 0.5.  However, this morning
the pH is back to where it was, i.e. 7.5.  I have read about buffering, and
I guess that's what has caused the pH to rise back to its former level.  I
would like to lower the pH to about 6, and am wondering about the best way
to do this.  Peat in the filter?  Peat in a bag in the tank?  Tetra's
Blackwater Extract?  Or???  (This tank has an AquaClear mini filter, there's
no measurable ammonia, nitrIte or nitrAte).