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CO2-my experience

Hallo all,
I note a discussion concerning CO2 in the net. Let me inform you about my
experience. Basedatas: Tankvolume 200 Liters, Karbonathardness 6,
Totalhardness about 8, pH=7-7,1, resulting CO2 by diagram ~17 mg/l. My CO2-
equipment consists of  CO2-bottle (1,5 kg liquid gas), pressure regulator at
the bottle, soleonid valve, one way valve (to prevent water coming back when
soleonid is closed), CO2-reactor (Dennerle), bubbel counter for gas. Ph is
measured by an electronic pH-meter with glass-electrode (of course exactly
calibrated). The CO2 dose is running with about 10 bubbles per 30-40 seconds
(I count  always for 10 bubbles and stop the time beeing used). Under these
conditions I get a very stabel pH and, as a result, a stabel CO2 too. The
gas connections are executed by CO2-proof tubings in order to prevent CO2
losses. CO2 dosing is running only when light is switched on (timer). I
know, there are different meanings concerning interrupting CO2. But
remember, in the dark night, plants don't use CO2 and by the way, I save
money, because CO2 is not so cheap as sometimes reported. To mix the CO2 in
the reactor with tankwater, I use a separate small pump. This makes me
independent from the flow of the filterpump, which I reduce sometimes for
testing the effect of denitrification. The mentioned CO2 dosingtime for 10
bubbles are depending from the quantity of plants and the amount of light.
The dosingtime will decrease when the quantity of plants and the light
increase. In all cases, the pH will be the leading figure, which should be
constant. My swing (day/night) in pH is very small, about 0.1 pH. I check
the correct CO2 dosing let's say all 2 weeks. If something goes wrong, I see
it immediately at the pH meter. Due to this constant conditions, a
CO2-controller is absolutely nonsence. This system is running now for more
then 2 years wihout any kind of  failure. The CO2 consumption is very low, I
have still the first gas bottle. I will mention, that our drinking water is
very hard (more then 17 total hardness) and therefore I collect raining
water. I clean and filter the water by activecoal (is this the right
expression?) and blend it with drinking water to the correct karbonat
hardness. KH-analysises are done by titration with 0.1n HCL, a proof and
cheap Lab methode.
This is my contribution to CO2 in tanks. I hope, it was interesting for you.
Bye bye, Klaus Haber from Ingolstadt in Germany, the town, where AUDI cars
come from. (This should not be publicity for AUDI!!!)