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Seachem Iron and Phosphate

     I am playing around with 2 new testing kits, Seachem's iron and
phosphate (thanks to all who forwarded me instructions for the latter).  The
phosphate indicates that the levels in my tapwater are about 1.5 ppm.  This
seems ridiculously (dangerously?) high.  I have a City of Detroit Lab
Analysis Report from '98 claiming tap water levels of phophorus to be
0.29-0.31 mg/L.  How do phosphorus concentrations relate to phophate, is
this excessively high, and what can I do to remove it without using RO to
strip out everything and then rebuild?  Water quality is otherwise
     Regarding iron, is anyone else using the Seachem kit and Homegrown
Hydroponics Trace Mix for iron?  This mix seems to tint the water/reagent
mix  red, making it difficult to interpret the test scale, which works is in
shades of purple.
     Finally, what is the proper dosage for PMDD?  I've seen conflicting
numbers in the Krib and archives.  I know it will vary from application to
application, but I need ballpark.  I've seen everything from a couple drops
to a couple ml's per 10 gallons per day.  Thanks!! Kevin