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RE:CO2 controller & DIY yeast

>> You can also use DIY Yeast with a controller. FWIW,
>Just don't EVER turn it off!!
>You'll wind up building too much pressure for the container, and well, you
>know...KABOOOM! Your living room will suddenly smell like a brewery. I know
>because it happened to me. What a mess. What a smelly _sticky_ mess.

You used a solinoid? Then this will happen if you use it in a traditional
way. Adding a T to the set up will vent off the pressure BTW. When the
solinoid is "Closed" it forces gas to build up into the reactor etc. It
takes some time for this gas to build up using this reverse solinoid method.
When it "opens" the gas is vented off to the "T". The solinoid is located on
the single bottom leg of the "T" and the CO2 line is the top portion of the
"T" going to your reactor device.

Using the powerhead method as mentioned further down in my post.....this
cannot happen BTW........when the pump is off.......no CO2 gets dissolved as
it bubbles up to escape to the air.
When the pump is on CO2 gets chewed up and spit all over your tank. 

Generally, unless you use the reverse solinoid method, solinoids and Yeast
don't mix unless as you say "Kabooom" is your thing. Powerheads are cheaper
and better for CO2 uses.
Solinoids only really save some CO2 at best and are not a needed item for
CO2. The gas is cheap.
Tom Barr