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CO2 Automation

I use a CO2 valve with solenoid and pH controller on my 125 and 65 gallon 
tanks. My background before planted tanks was reef aquaria, with all the 
controllers, etc., associated with it. Combined with my being a gadget 
freak, this was one reason I use this type of equipment. I can control the 
pH in my tanks to within .4 (.2 above or below the controller set point). I 
don't like the idea of injecting gas into the tank when it is not necessary, 
and the solenoid/controller does this well. I also like being able to see 
what the pH of the tank is at a glance. Probe calibration is necessary, and 
equipment can fail, but I enjoy fiddlin' with the stuff. Obviously non 
solenoid/controller methods work well for people. I think it is whatever 
your interest/budget dictates. Are solenoids/controllers necssary? Probably 
not. Are they fun? I think so. A friend of mine thinks I am crazy for 
spending the amount of money I do on, say, a lighting apparatus for a 
planted tank. But this same friend will spend hundreds and hundreds on a set 
of golf clubs and travel to play golf at different courses. Whatever floats 
your boat.

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