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Re: plant aquariums in SF

<<what would you SF hobbysts suggest as THE place to visit ? >>

Ummmm...I don't live in SFO but if you hop across the Bay to the East bay then there are several places that I can suggest.

Albany Aquarium-
always has SAE's, sometimes doesn't have very many plants, good variety and quantity of plants, scary and dark place ( =D ), knowledgeable staff, high prices

Alameda Aquatics-
CLEAN, well-lighted place, always has nice plants, ask Dean (no one else!) for advice on what plants you're getting and their care, same variety as Albany but with fewer quantity of each plant, sometimes has SAE's, most of the time they have Caridina japonica in the front planted tank, fairly cheap plant prices, fish prices are like most LFS, e-mail me if you want a list of plants that they carried last time I went there (last Saturday and they'll most likely still be there)

=D  Guess which one I go to often?? =D