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Re: C. Japonica

Re: Platys & Swordtails:

>  They seem to best at brush/tuft types of algae. Other types they seem to be
>  very ineffective IMO. They leave most plants alone, they just really like
>  the wallichii in particular.

There is plenty of brush/tuft algae :-(    Matter of fact, that's the main 
problem in this tank.
>  No, but others have reported issues with packs of shrimps that run out of
>  algae but at that point feeding sinking algae sticks should solve the
>  problem. I like them but they are delicate, costly, don't live long, get
>  eaten by many fish that I like (puffers, cichlids, knife fishes, loaches,
>  barbs etc) but they do work for a living. The Amano shrimps C. japonica are
>  what your after. They run about 2.99 ea out here in the Bay area. So a 20
>  gallon will put you out 60$ plus tax so 68 bucks for bio algae
>  control.......pricey IMO! I have a 20 with 10 right now this could work 
>  also but I want a longer run but I doubt I'll do it. I'd rather have a nice
>  tank than have a messed up experimental tank at this point.  

It's a 29 gallon tank filled mainly with neons & cardinals, some *feeder* 
guppies (very small algae control) and 2 blue rams. Are dwarf cichlids a 
threat to c. japonica?