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This morning I woke up to find one of my Siamese algae eaters lying lifeless
on the bottom of my tank !!  This was like one of the first fish I ever got
as a baby and its been through hell.. I had him for nearly 2 years... Now
the thing is that im confused.. the other 2 from the same group were fine
far as I could tell as were all the other fish in the tank.. cept the female
dwarf gourami that I bought about 2 weeks ago and have never seen her eat..
she was on the surface sorta resting on some plants and wasnt very

Anyway I can work out what caused the death..  maybe just old age ? I tested
my pH and it was 6.6 and the day before I had 'blown' co2 into my gravel vac
reactor and let it dissolve.. do you think this majorly overdid the co2 to
quickly ??  I changed some water and it came out really clear.. usually it
has a slightly yellowish tink which makes me think the water is fine
(although i did no test except ph)...  My plants all seem to be growing
quickly and the only algae in the tank is a tiny bit of green smear stuff on
the glass..

Anyone else who has a theory on this please email me off list and let me
know.. i cant for the life of me think what went wrong..

Jon Hammond