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Tetra KH price rise/ Hach vs. Lamotte

Is your KH going up?

$6.79 used to get you a 30-mL bottle of KH reagent from Pet Warehouse. Now
you get a 10-mL bottle for the same price. When I contacted Tetra, I was
told that, faced with the choice of increasing the cost or reducing the
size, they chose the "candybar option" and made their product smaller. The
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals GH/KH kit seems like a better bargain now: 37 mL
bottles of both GH and KH reagents for $4.79.

On another subject, can someone help me choose a test kit for total/calcium
hardess. Either the Hach HA-4P (100 tests) or the LaMotte 4824-DR-LT (50
tests).  Posts in the archives speak well of both for measuring Ca and Mg.

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