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RE: SAE's and wallichii

>I do feed spirulina flakes, but I guess it's just no subsitute for the 
>delectable little pickings on these plants. It seems this is a plant that 
>can't weather the nibbling that other fine leafed plants such as ambulia, 
>cabomba, mayaca can handle. I'd suspected the problem may have been 
>environmental, especially since I'd stopped water column fertilization a few 
>weeks ago. But, coincidentally, the decline began  over the last week (since 
>bringing the 2 in) and it's been looking more and more ragged. I just never 
>saw them do it. Funny, I brought them in for algae control.

They seem to best at brush/tuft types of algae. Other types they seem to be
very ineffective IMO. They leave most plants alone, they just really like
the wallichii in particular.
>Well, so much for searching for the elusive SAE--I'm glad I didn't go out of 
>my way for it. Thanks for the advice. What kind of shrimp do I want? Tom, are 
>you noticing any damage or results?
No, but others have reported issues with packs of shrimps that run out of
algae but at that point feeding sinking algae sticks should solve the
problem. I like them but they are delicate, costly, don't live long, get
eaten by many fish that I like (puffers, cichlids, knife fishes, loaches,
barbs etc) but they do work for a living. The Amano shrimps C. japonica are
what your after. They run about 2.99 ea out here in the Bay area. So a 20
gallon will put you out 60$ plus tax so 68 bucks for bio algae
control.......pricey IMO! I have a 20 with 10 right now this could work well
also but I want a longer run but I doubt I'll do it. I'd rather have a nice
tank than have a messed up experimental tank at this point.  
Tom Barr