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red cabomba furcata/piauhyensis

Hello everybody,

Anyone had any experience with red cabomba that they could share with me, 
besided from reading from tropica's website..

What was your light/water/substrate requirements? how does it compare to 
glossostigma that grows like a weed in my tank, and the regular green 
cabomba which grows like a weed too, but I'd like to get a hold of some red 
cabomba.. my lfs's going to bring some in for me..

If I guess right it'll take a while to adapt to my tank and then it should 
start to grow like a weed... but on the LFS's order list beside it it says 
that this plant is grown emersed ( i know most plants are grown emersed..) 
but from tropica's website it says strictly water plants like cabomba are 
only grown in water... or was I thinkin about another plant??

Thank You
Raymond Wong

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