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Nannochromis transvestitus

I have the (apparently rare?) opportunity to get a pair of Nannochromis
transvestitus.  I have a few questions about them, and am wondering if
anyone could offer any advice.

My tap water is pH 7.5, GH 8, and KH 5.  I am aware that these are not
ideal conditions for this type of fish.  However, would they be able to
live in my 50-gal planted tank anyway?

Alternatively, I have a 10-gal tank which is almost cycled using ammonia,
and it will be ready for fish in the next couple of days, I believe.  I can
do a water change in the smaller tank, using RO water (available at LFS),
and move the Nannochromis transvestitus into that tank after a few days.
But...would they manage in the meantime in the big tank under those water
conditions?  I am doing frequent water changes in the big tank in an effort
to get a small amount of remaining hair algae under control.

They could probably also stay where they are until the tank is ready for
them, assuming I speak up and say I want them.  I have to make the decision
fairly quickly, as there are others who are interested.

Also, what would be a fair price for a pair of these fish?