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Re: Help with PMDD

> Currently plant growth is not very good.  My Amazon sword occasionally sends

amazon swords really need good root feeding.  I shove a couple jobes 
sticks in the gravel at their roots.  

> I had trouble locating K2SO4 (All Green is not sold in this area), but
> instead purchased a lifetime supply of Sulfate of Potash which lists a

I think sulfate of potash is K2SO4.  I wouldn't adjust the formula.

> For the trace element mix I purchased 5 lbs of Microplex made by Miller

I use Microplex, no problems.

> 0.05%, Cu 1.5%, Fe 4%, Mn 4%, Mo 0.1%, Zn 1.5%.  I am a little concerned
> about the 1.5% chelated copper.  Do any of you think this will be a problem?

It hasn't been a problem for me, and I like to over-fertilize.

> Since this mix has 5.43% Mg should I eliminate the epsom salts when using
> this mix?

I still include the epsom salts.

> liquid has an analysis of: Total Nitrogen 1% (urea nitrogen), Soluble Potash

I'd forget about using it right away, just based on the urea.   Serious
big-time ammonia spike!

Chuck Gadd