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Lace plants

>Well my 20 to 24" Lace plants were grown to this size in a nursery, in
>Florida. I dont think they run chillers, but I could be mistaken. My tank is
>at about 80F, hotter in the summer. I have smaller plants that are two years
>old. Now obviously they havnt reached maximum size, havnt flowered, but they
>are healthy enough otherwise. They havnt gone dormant either.

They will do "better" at lower temps especially henkelianus. The wholesalers
certainly don't use chillers! The outside mud in a deep pond is quite cool
even if the air temp is way up there. Try planting some in a pond Dwight. I
have a friend who has a nice pond that I'm going to toss a few plants into
to see how well the seed production is. Mine do OK at higher temps but much
above 80 they start to turn brown and older leaves will sometimes fall off.
Mine also flower easily at lower temps and sometimes at higher temps also
but the plant's leaves turn brown after its done its cycle.
Tom Barr