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Re: SAEs, Lace plants, mangroves

>>Swordtails will crop R. Wallichii leaves back to the stems.  Platy's are
so similar that I have to suspect they will do the same.  SAEs alse nibble
R. Wallichii and I suspect many other fish will also.
Roger Miller<<

I cant speak for Rotala, since I dont keep it, by I have observed my SAEs
for hours going over delicate stem plants like Ambulia, Alternanthera,
Myaca, and although they are eating something, its never the plant. Detris,
algae, scum?

Lace plants
>>This is the ONE plant I have tried and failed to cultivate succesfully let
alone breed.  I finally figured out the problem: HEAT!  If you live in the
South, the very conditions that help you grow plants and fish w/o much
expense will doom lace plants.  It gets so bad down here (heat), I unplug
my substrate heating cables for veranda (porch) aquariums b/c in mid
summer, it stresses the plants and fish.  Growing lace plants?  If you live
in the HOT south...FORGET IT!  You'll need an aquarium chiller to keep the
water cool, or the plant will die (maybe heat resistant var. exist?)  There
was a neat DIY chiller built out of an old compact table to refrigerator I
once found om line I once considered building ....till I came to my

Well my 20 to 24" Lace plants were grown to this size in a nursery, in
Florida. I dont think they run chillers, but I could be mistaken. My tank is
at about 80F, hotter in the summer. I have smaller plants that are two years
old. Now obviously they havnt reached maximum size, havnt flowered, but they
are healthy enough otherwise. They havnt gone dormant either.

> than the scientific name? Well, IMHO, calling a tree simply 'mangrove' is
> far worse. Please remember that 'mangrove' is a collective term for an
Well, the plant I'm looking for is commonly known as a mangrove, or red
mangrove.  It's for a brackish/salty tank for mudskippers.<<

There is an online company out of florida that sells 8" florida red mangrove
seedlings for the aquarium. I dont remember the URL, and I have emailed them
twice, and they never answered.

Robert Paul H