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Re: New flowers

> It probably is a somewhat modified leaf that is sometimes produced before
> the flower is.  All flower parts are essentially modified leaves---the
> sepals, petals, stamens, and ovary are all modified leaves.  The "bananas"
> are probably roots, modified for storage.  The spot on the main stem that

Thanks for the cool info.

> If you still have one of these structures, try opening it up and see if it
> looks like a leaf inside.  Are there veins?  Is it green?

Yup, you win!  One of these modified leaves stayed in the water, and it
opened to form a small 1" diameter floating leaf.

My banana plant is still happy, sending up a new runner with a
meristematic region every day or two.  I've started pulling out the
maturing new plantlets to prevent them from stealing all the light
in the tank.   I don't know what magic happened, but it's only 
this one banana plant.  There is another in the same tank, on the
opposite side, and it's runners don't have the growth points.

Chuck Gadd