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>>The "False SAE" or Flying Fox has a good dark line clear to the fork of
the caudal also. He may nibble a little soft algae, but is otherwise just an
ornament. SAEs do not have a "sucker mouth," at all. They are barbs with a
somewhat downturned mouth.
The Flying Fox is more gold-bronze, and has some dark markings in the
unpaired fins. Those fins are quite clear on SAEs, while the general body
color is more gray, with scale-edge lines making distinct reticulation on
their backs.<<

I think the description of the line and where it ends as a distinction
between the two species is a bone of confusion for many people. One guy told
me that the descriptions of the two species and the pictures on the Krib and
a couple of other sites were conflicting. I think the "line" is to sutle a
difference for many people to see, particularly in a photo. My pictures of
my SAEs show some yellow color in the body, which is due to my lighting in
the tank. An easier difference to see is SAEs have transparent fins and a
single pair of barbels, while the foxes have colored fins and two sets of

By the way, when in the south bay of San Francisco, visit Dolphin Pet in
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Robert Paul H