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RE:Ich Treatments

I have to agree with Jeff. I maintained temps of 85 to 86 for over a week.
Ich continued to spread, wiping out several tetras and rasboras. This is the
first time in many years that I have had to deal with this parasite, but I
remember clearly wiping it out with these high temps. Based on what Jeff
experienced with his Discus tank and my last go around with it, I would not
depend on high temps alone to do the trick . Kent Carpenter in upstate New
York where it simply won't stop raining.-----

> I recently had a case of Ich in my planted tank that killed a Discus and
> nearly wiped out all of my Cardinals.
> The tank was 86o (yes, that warm) and the ich prospered. It also became
> present in my tank at work which was running at 84o and it prospered. The
> cure was "Quick-cure" ( I recommend the 50% does as well) and three solid
> days in total darkness.
> With 15 years of tank experience, and 10 of those with Discus, I never
> _ever_  though I would see ich in a Discus Tank (or any tank that warm).
> wide-spread assumption is that Ich dies at 80o+. Ich can live, and even
> thrive, in these temperatures.
> My experience.
> - - Jeff
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