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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #299

>Another question:  I've aquired a small RO unit which is not yet
>installed.  My water is very hard with very high permanent hardness and
>PH 8.1/8.2.  I use CO2 in four tanks now, with more on the way.  I can
>reduce the PH to 6.8/7.0 with CO2, while still remaining in the "safe"
>zone of CO2 concentration.

If you feel the plants are doing fine...........I wouldn't bother with RO.

>It's my feeling that with RO water my PH will drop much more than it
>does now with the addition of CO2.

Yes it will. More than you think too. This may cause problems for you if you
switch or blend the waters. A GH of 10 is fine and a KH of 3-8 is fine also.
If it's harder and you can still get the ph down to a good range based on
the table(PH/KH/CO2) using CO2 which is far cheaper than using a RO unit and
one hell of a lot easier in both the short and long run.
>Also, aren't some (many/all) of the minerals in hard water of value to
>the plants?

Very much so IMO.

>TIA, Barrie Smith, Missoula, Montana