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re: mangrove seedlings?

Aloha Chuck,
I have mangroves that I could send to you.  I have newly sprouted seedlings that are 8-12 inches in length.  They don’t look 
like much, with a few short roots and perhaps a couple of tiny leaves. They are easy 
to ship and easy to grow out.  I also have older plants with more developed root 
systems and larger leaves.

My mangroves were originally collected as seedlings from Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.  I’ve 
discovered that mangroves are not particular about their growing conditions.  I have 
some growing in a "not so brackish" open top tank.  They are suspended in the water 
from a hanging strip light with fishing line, and weighted with a small stone tied 
to its root.  I also have them growing outside in a fresh water pond, some are in 
dirt, some in sand, and some are bare rooted.  They also grow fine as "dry land" 
plants either in dirt, sand, redwood compost, coral gravel, or aquarium gravel. 

If you are interested I’d like to trade them with you.	In the past I’ve traded them 
for plants and even a rock, so I’m not very picky :) it just makes things fun.