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Re: Riccia

>May 2000 15:51:36 +0800
>From: "Jon Hammond" <geohammo at iinet_net.au>
>Subject: Riccia
>Dear all,
>You probably have had this question before and I looked in the archives but
>didn't really find a good answer... Is riccia a good plant to have in a
>planted aquaria... most accounts in the archives I read seem to be negative
>and I was wandering if anyone has really had any success and if so how (I
>just sourced some and its quite rare where I live so Im wandering whether to
>snap it up).  By the way just for people interested in Australia I have
>found a cool place to get platns from.. you can see there selection at
>www.aquamail.com  This isnt a commercial post I am just letting those other
>Aussies know that this place has many many species of plants you wouldn't
>normally be able to get :o)
>Jon Hammond

It is a very nice unique plant. I like it just floating but many tie it down
to objects.
It not a hard plant to grow but can be messy in some tanks or block light
from others if floating.
It grows fast and doesn't attach to object so it has to pruned often if tied
down to look nice.
Most folks love the plant but often get tied of it since they don't wish to
keep it unless it is tied to something which mean maintenance.........which
they also don't want to do:). 
I think it is worth the effort and you can see many examples in Amano's
Tom Barr