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Re: ich - oops?

First off, let me apologise for not reading what I'm writing - I shot 
off a hasty reply and didn't do my calculations too well. Heat can kill 
ich - if it's hot enough (but I was doing convertions in my head and I 
usually deal in Degrees C), 80, unfortunately isn't - 86+ is a more 
probable temp. Lower temps need to be used in conjunction with 
medication (as so many of you so rightly pointed out). I'll go back to 
being a moron (note this is ME calling ME a moron - this time I deserve 
it). We all make genuine mistakes - this was one of mine.
PS would it be possible for contributors to avoid tacking on "bumper 
sticker" type messages, there are one or two which I find quite 
offensive and they having nothing to do with plants/aquaria/fish etc.