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Re: Availability of Florida Flag Fish

Some may disagree, but here is my experience with Florida Flag Fish.....I 
bought 3 females and 2 males, one male was very small.  The larger male 
became extremely dominant and began to attack everything in the tank, 
including the females.  Before I could return him to the local fish store he 
had killed 1 female flag fish, 1 cardinal tetra, 1 female guppy, and 
obliterated the fins of my betta (who hid in the bushes constantly).  This 
all happened in the span of one week.  At first I thought there was some 
type of illness in the tank, but then sat one night and saw the male 
attacking everyone.  The only problem was that he was impossible to catch! 
Every time I would bring the net around, he was nowhere to be found.  I 
swear that I have never seen such a sneaky fish.  I finally just ripped up 
all of my plant (WAAAA!) and caught the little bugger.  Then guess what?  
The little male, who had been very timid up until this point,  took over!  I 
had to turn him in too.  I now have 2 female flag fish in my 55 gallon and 
must say that while I see them grazing quite a bit, I don't know that they 
have made a dent in the hair and every other kind of algae in my tank.  I 
guess that the moral of this story would be that you should only get females 
to begin with.  If you like the way they clean you may want to try a male, 
but I would steer clear!


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