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TNX & RO Water

Well, I sure found out where to get lava rock!  I'd seen it at various
stores in the past, but thought it was "man-made".  Also, never
associated it with aquarium use.

Thank you all for the education and advise.

Another question:  I've aquired a small RO unit which is not yet
installed.  My water is very hard with very high permanent hardness and
PH 8.1/8.2.  I use CO2 in four tanks now, with more on the way.  I can
reduce the PH to 6.8/7.0 with CO2, while still remaining in the "safe"
zone of CO2 concentration.

It's my feeling that with RO water my PH will drop much more than it
does now with the addition of CO2.

Perhaps I will not be able to use enough CO2, with RO water, to do the
plants any good?

Also, aren't some (many/all) of the minerals in hard water of value to
the plants?

TIA, Barrie Smith, Missoula, Montana