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Re: Madagascar lace plant


How do you keep your plants . . . conditions, potted, water parameters 
(including temp) & substrate? 

AAG carries a lace plant, they call Aponogeton fenestralis.  Teepot's 
Aquarium Plants lists a few different plants, all listed as Madagascariensis, 
but different varieties. The difference mainly seems to be the width/shape of 
the leaf itself. Plant size is not given.

I'm wondering mainly whether one could obtain this plant through m/o and 
expect it to survive . . . 


> It is currently in style to lump all the madagascar lace plants together
>  into one species, Aponogeton madagascariensis, but there is one variety
>  that is quite different from the others.  It is a lot bigger, and its
>  leaves are longer and narrower.  It has pink flowers with five spikes,
>  instead of the two spikes of other varieties.  In addition, it does not
>  self-fertilize, whereas the other varieties I have had experience with
>  easily self-fertilize.  The flowers have stems that are 1.5 to 2.0 cm in
>  diameter.  When I had a plant of this speices, which Muhlberg, in The
>  Complete Guide to Water Plants, classifies as Aponogeton guillotii, it got
>  too large for my 75 gallon aquarium.